Update: My source code was corrupted and lost. The game is pretty buggy overall. You should have access to four weapons and a couple of power-ups but it doesn't always work. 

A game I put together while studying through Unity's Certified Developer courseware. The assets are not mine and the conceptual design belongs to Unity. I put everything together using a game design document and the study videos. I learned a metric ton along the way about every core system in Unity. I probably spent the most time on Lighting and complex Particle Systems. I will write more later when I had time. The resolution is fixed at 960x600. First load can take a significant amount of time and may not work in Edge at all. I recommend Chrome or Firefox. Every subsequent load should be faster because file caching is enabled.


  • Tab to scroll through 4 different weapons
  • 1 to summon an ally when you have enough points.

Updated: Did my best to improve performance and load times as well as getting the pause menu working. Had some trouble with lighting but I think it's fixed.

Published Apr 09, 2017
AuthorThe Captain
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Twin Stick Shooter

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