Update: going to eventually be adapting this game to a 3D adventure game. Currently, in-spite of my best efforts, there are still random grammar errors and weird capitalization error. 

A simple text-based adventure created as a showcase to my students in Game Programming & Design. My students will create their own text-based adventure game as their first game project of the year.

The primary things I learned in the creation of this game include:

  • Variables in C#
  • Branching Statements in C#
  • Simple graphics and text manipulation in Unity3D
  • Storytelling and the narrative experience
  • The creation of a simple Game Design Document and storyboard
  • How to create a simple game engine: the finite-state machine
  • Accepting keyboard input from the user

Things I added:

  • Glowing title
  • Multiple scenes
  • Sound effects
  • Music
  • Graphic Buttons

This story was two years in the making and describes the experience of one man and how a bunch of kids changed his life forever. The original game concept follows Ben Tristem's course "Learn to Code by Making Games: The Complete Unity Developer Course." Microsoft Edge will not display the hardware cursor. Use Chrome or Firefox, headphones, and full-screen for the best experience!

V1.3 Coming soon... (relatively speaking when compared to the age of the universe.)

V1.21 Fixed several bugs, made improvements to sound mixing, text, grammar, etc.

V1.2: Music in the game, bugs squashed, more typos corrected and more secret level!

V1.1: Significant updates to the Apartment, Market, the Room, Credits, as well as the secret level.

V1.01: Exceptions caught, bugs fixed. Hardware mouse does not work correctly in Microsoft Edge. Use Firefox or Chrome for best results.

V1.0: Initial Game Release

Published Oct 26, 2016
AuthorThe Captain
Made withUnity
Tags16-bit, Text based

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