This game is a clone of Plants vs. Zombies built while following Ben Tristem's "Learn to Code While Making Games" course on Udemy. I built it for my own learning as my students are preparing to create their own tower defense game as a final project for their Game Programming & Design course. This project is packed full of new learning including:

  1. Deep-dive on the animation system including parameters, transitions, and animation events that can be called from code.
  2. Lots of scripting on buttons, snap-to-grid functionality, spawning enemies on the grid, and spending stars.
  3. Component Architecutre
  4. More work on Sprite Sheets, Sprite Sheet calculations for slicing, and calculating aspect ratios.

Feedback is welcome!

Published Feb 22, 2017
AuthorThe Captain
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Tower Defense

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