An Arkanoid (Break Out) clone created as a showcase to my students in Game Programming & Design. My students will create their own Arkanoid clone for their third game project of the year.

The primary things I learned in the creation of this game include:

  • Basic physics manipulation
  • Colliders
  • Purpose for and creation of Sprite Sheets

Things I added:

  • More robust artwork (not created by me)
  • Use and modification of Polygon Colliders
  • Particle System
v4 Lives counter / system added: 3 lives per level (not cumulative.)

v3 Particle system hooked-up

v2 Fixed issues with some of the sprites and the collider on the boat.

v1 Initial Release

Published Nov 11, 2016
AuthorThe Captain
Made withUnity
Tags16-bit, Arcade, break-out

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